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List of Benefits - Scheduled to Begin Operations in Q2 2013

Automobile Breakdown / Repair

Home / Domicile / Appliance Breakdown / Repair

Home / Domicile / Electrical Repair / Plumbing Repair / Carpentry Repair

Emergency Travel Needs

Emergency Medical Needs

Late / Shutoff Notice on Utility Bills

Relocation Problems / Case-by-Case Basis

Emergency Referral to Other Charitable Organizations / Information & Referral Services

Other Financial Emergencies / Case-by-Case Basis

We also send "Care" packages to U.S. Troops stationed in foreign countries especially in combat / conflict zones.  Among the most treasured items we send in pallet quantities are Flea Collars (great for trouser blouses to keep the crawlies out)  and Baby Wipes (tm) because it is so difficult to get a bath in a forward area.

We also partner with firms such as A.G. Russell (knives) to provide paperback novels, magazines, and other items to Troops in combat zones.

For benefits information please address email to:


Help US Troops has scheduled Benefits Operations, Case Management and assistance for late Q2 of 2005.  In the meantime we will examine all requests for benefits and make a determination based upon need and availability of funds.

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